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BC Proud Painting offers highly skilled house painters and expert exterior painting Vancouver. We pride ourselves on being the best Vancouver exterior painting company, serving both within and outside the city and delivering exceptional results for hundreds of new and old homes.

We aim to provide our clients with beautiful and long-lasting finishes, which we guarantee with 99.99% certainty. We understand the importance of proper preparation and using quality paint and materials to ensure that your house remains vibrant and free from peeling for years to come.

We have experience in exterior painting a variety of homes in Vancouver, including both large and small, new and old. Our exterior painting Vancouver services cover everything from painting the front facade or windows to meet specific needs.

Each house presents its own unique challenges, whether it’s related to height, condition, or the presence of power lines and facilities. However, we always successfully complete the project, and our customers are not only satisfied but also refer us to others.

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Average Exerior Painting Cost


Experienced local exterior house painting contractors are available for your house in Vancouver BC, and the rest of the Lower Mainland.

We possess the expertise and skills required to handle a wide range of projects. At BC Proud Painting, our clients can expect nothing less than professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional outcomes. We always prioritize the use of top-quality paints with the longest lifespan for your home’s exterior.

Our team of exterior painters Vancouver, at BC Proud Painting has completed various projects, including painting bricks, concrete, pools, and garage doors. We are capable of tackling any surface and employ the best techniques to ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Whether you’re considering selling or simply aiming to impress friends and neighbors with the most attractive house on the block, our exterior painting Vancouver, BC is a highly valuable investment for your property. Enhancing the curb appeal, a fresh coat of paint can give your home a renewed and modern look. Not to mention, it has the potential to significantly increase the value of your property by thousands of dollars.

Exterior Painting Contractors Vancouver, BC


We offer various exterior painting Vancouver to give your home a fresh look and protect it from weathering. Whether you want to enhance your curb appeal, prepare for selling, or improve a new purchase, we can help. Our Vancouver painters will wash and treat your home, removing dirt, mildew, and old paint if needed. Additionally, we provide minor repairs at no extra charge, such as nailing loose shingles or filling in cracks.

We can easily arrange to fix any other repairs. We use high-quality products to protect the exterior of your house from fading or peeling. Just like your home’s renovation, we are built to last, which is why we offer a 36-month guarantee on the quality of our Vancouver exterior painting services.

Cost Of Exerior House Painting

Exterior House Painting Cost Vancouver

Determining the cost of exterior house painting in Vancouver, BC, is not straightforward due to its intricate nature. However, for an average-sized home using approximately eight cans of exterior house paint at an average price, the DIY exterior house painting cost in Vancouver would typically amount to around $400.

The Size of your Vancouver Home:
The Paint Price
The Surface Material
The Color of the Home
The Size of your Vancouver Home
The size of your home is a significant factor that significantly influences the cost of painting. In British Columbia, the average home size is around 1420 square feet. However, it's important to note that your Vancouver home may be larger or smaller than this standard size.
The Paint Price
The price of each paint can vary based on several factors, including location. For instance, a paint can in Vancouver may have a different price than other areas, either cheaper or more expensive. A can of paint for as little as $20 offers an affordable option for your painting needs. A single can of paint can be priced as high as $100, making it quite expensive. As evident, the cost of the paint itself will significantly impact the overall expense of exterior painting Vancouver.
The Surface Material
The amount of paint required depends on the surface. A Vancouver home with extensive brickwork necessitates less paint, while one with a rough exterior demands more.
The Color of the Home
Applying a darker color to a home necessitates more paint and, subsequently, more expenditure. Conversely, painting over lighter-colored homes requires less paint. These are merely a handful of examples that illustrate the diverse ways in which variables can impact the cost of exterior painting Vancouver. If you're not a professional exterior painting company in Vancouver, attempting a DIY paint job can lead to unsatisfactory and short-lived results. Moreover, correcting painting mistakes can incur additional costs, potentially making the DIY exterior paint job more expensive than hiring a professional exterior painter Vancouver.
Most Affordable Pricing For Exterior Painting Vancouver

Looking To Determine The Price Of Exterior Painting Vancouver?

Vancouver Exterior Painting Estimate

For a professional and exquisite exterior paint job for your home, you’ll require the services of a reputable exterior painting company in Vancouver. It’s important to note that an experienced Vancouver exterior house painting company will provide a free no obligation accurate cost estimate only after an in-person evaluation. This is because there are various factors that influence the cost of exterior painting Vancouver.

Exterior Painting Cost in Vancouver with No Estimate

A Vancouver painting contractor that provides a cost for painting your house without a proper estimate is highly likely to be unreliable and will likely deliver subpar results. Moreover, as the job progresses and the exterior painting Vancouver encounters the variables we mentioned earlier, you may end up being charged increasingly higher amounts.

Every day, the exterior of your home faces relentless tests from the elements: weather conditions, UV rays, pollution, and more. Vancouver’s climate, in particular, poses a significant challenge for paint coatings. Scorching summer sunlight and relentless rain throughout the year take a toll on the exterior surfaces.

If you are contemplating repainting the exterior of your home, ensure it becomes a lasting investment. BC Proud Painting offers professional exterior painting services in Vancouver that deliver beautiful and long-lasting results, allowing you to enjoy them for years to come.

Multi Step Painting Process

Our Method, Your Contentment For Exterior Painting Vancouver

The assurance of quality stems from our distinctive approach to exterior of commercial painting and house painting, setting us apart from other contractors in the industry. At BC Proud Painting, our exterior painters Vancouver take great pride in their expertise, meticulousness, and unwavering professionalism.

We demonstrate our commitment to excellence through our meticulously crafted multi-step painting process specifically designed for exteriors. This carefully curated process encompasses a series of precise steps, each contributing to the overall quality and longevity of the finish.

Preparing For Exterior Painting

A thorough exterior power wash eliminates dirt, debris, algae, and grime, leaving your property sparkling clean.
Removing loose or peeling paint
Preparing the painting surface by sanding it.
Apply a coat of primer to seal the area.
Applying a high-quality elastomeric caulk to fill gaps not only creates a seamless finish but also enhances the formation of a superior vapor barrier for your home.
One crucial step in painting is to properly mask and cover areas that should not be painted.

Exterior Paint Application

We exclusively utilize premium, top-notch paints that prioritize both human and environmental safety.

Wrapping Up

Ensure a thorough daily cleanup to leave no trace behind.
Comprehensive final inspection to ensure utmost satisfaction
Receive a complimentary touch-up service after 6 months.


Daily progress reports from beginning to end.
Our team of friendly and professional Vancouver painters is dedicated to providing exceptional exterior painting service. We prioritize the care and respect of your home, ensuring every detail is handled with courtesy and attention.
Our exterior painting services in Vancouver guarantee complete satisfaction with our skillful, meticulous, and professional approach. Rest assured that we will exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results with our customer service and colour consulting.

Our Service Areas

For A Professional Exterior Painting Experience

Questions to Ask From Our Exterior Painters in Vancouver

Contractors are well-acquainted with such requests. They should be able to furnish you with many customers who can vouch for their work. Furthermore, contact information should be easily accessible to you. Ensure that the residences are in diverse locations. Feel free to contact any or all of these former clients to gain insights into your prospective painter.
Professional Vancouver exterior painters typically do not provide references from customers with negative experiences or unsatisfactory opinions of their work. To obtain a more comprehensive assessment of a painter's capabilities, exploring online review platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, Angie's List, and others is advisable. These websites offer a balanced perspective, showcasing both positive and negative reviews, allowing you to form an impartial judgment regarding the painter's expertise and craftsmanship.
These policies are designed to safeguard you and your property against any damages or injuries that may occur during the job. It is crucial for any contractor working in your home to furnish you with both policy numbers under which they are covered. Failure to do so could potentially leave you responsible for medical expenses and repair costs in the event of any mishaps during their work.
Proper preparation is vital for a long-lasting, quality paint job. While some Vancouver exterior painting companies allow homeowners to contribute to the preparation efforts, others may not. Trimming the costs of preparation is an area where homeowners are often willing to lend a hand. This could involve trimming shrubbery, repairing minor damages, or other necessary preparations. Ensure you obtain a comprehensive list of the preparations that the painting company Vancouver will handle for your paint job.
Our exterior painting team often relies on specific paint manufacturers for their projects, driven by their past experience with the product and the associated warranties. Typically, these manufacturers offer premium grade-level paints that excel in hiding previous colours, withstanding the elements, and being easy to work with. As a homeowner, you have the freedom to discuss the type of paint being used on your home, but it's essential to consider the recommendations of the exterior painters in Vancouver.
Typically, your painting project will be carried out by a team of painters over a span of several days. Various factors can contribute to a delay in the completion of the job, such as unexpected repairs, weather conditions, or product availability. Your estimator should provide you with an estimated timeline and the crew that will be present at your location. Unless unforeseen circumstances arise, holding the crew accountable for this plan is advisable.
Don't choose a Vancouver exterior painting contractor solely based on the lowest costs. Get multiple estimates, assuming they are similar. Eliminate any unusually high or low prices, as they may indicate a lack of understanding or insufficient insurance coverage. Remember, estimates are approximate and additional details are needed for an accurate cost. Changes in paint or colors can also affect job costs.
While it may appear evident that the exterior painting crew should handle the clean-up at the conclusion of the job, it doesn't necessarily imply that it is automatically included. To ensure transparency, it is advisable to have these details documented. Vancouver painting contractors are accustomed to incorporating clean-up expectations within their estimates or contracts.
It is highly recommended that you establish a point of contact who is well-versed in your job. Having a designated person to reach out to will be invaluable in case any questions arise before or during the booking process. It is crucial to identify this individual before committing to any agreements.
Next Level Of Painting


Painting the exterior of houses and offices has become essential in recent times. When you use latex paint for the outer surface, it provides the highest level of protection, durability, and toughness. Professional exterior painting Vancouver and decorating not only enhance the appearance of a structure but also add value to it.

Hiring professional exterior painters Vancouver and decorators is crucial to achieving the best results. If you choose an inexperienced person for the job, they will likely make mistakes, requiring you to hire a professional exterior painting company again for corrections.

To avoid this hassle, it’s advisable to select a reputable exterior painting company in Vancouver that can provide top-quality external painting services. There are several Vancouver painting companies in the area, so it’s essential to exercise caution when making your choice to ensure you don’t waste both your money and time.

Our Vancouver exterior painters stand out as one of the premier companies offering top-notch exterior painting Vancouver services. Our team comprises skilled professionals who excel in this domain. We possess extensive knowledge of the finest quality products and paints suitable for house decoration, ensuring that only high-quality materials are used for exterior painting.

Before commencing any external painting project, we will provide you with a comprehensive estimate, giving you a clear understanding of the total expenditure involved. With our team of highly skilled painters in Vancouver, you can expect nothing less than top-notch painting service and impeccable results.

Meeting Your Vancouver Exterior Painting Demands

BC Proud Painting is prepared to collaborate with you on any exterior painting project you may have in mind. Our experienced Vancouver exterior painters have successfully completed numerous diverse exterior painting projects, including:

Various areas and surfaces
Wood siding
Wood trim
Vinyl siding
Wood siding
Wood trim

If your house has specific exterior painting requirements, feel free to reach out to us! We are delighted to engage in conversations with clients regarding their interior painting needs, preferences, and expectations. Together, we can devise a comprehensive plan to meet and exceed all of these.